Next Steps

Once you have determined HealthWell is a good fit for you and you have been pre-approved, we have a few suggestions that will optimize your experience with HealthWell.

Understand the difference between pre-approved and approved

Pre-approved means you have passed the screening process and a grant has been set aside for you. No payments are made while you are still pre-approved.  Approved means we have received all the required documentation and we can begin reimbursing on your grant.

Remember to get full approval

When you call us to start a new grant or renew an existing grant, remember that you are only pre-approved. Pre-approved means:

1. a grant is set aside that day and earmarked just for you
2. eligible dates of service and prescription fill dates begin on your grant start date (up to 30 days prior to the pre-approval date)
3. your grant will only be held for 30 days while you get your paperwork in to us
4. after 30 days, your grant will close and become available to another patient
5. you are free to re-apply but your eligible dates of service and prescription fill dates will reset

Once you’re fully approved – use your grant

At any point in time, we are managing up to 30,000 patient grants – as much as we would like to touch base with you each month to see how things are going, as a non-profit charitable organization trying to get as much help to patients through grants, we simply cannot afford to do that.

We have to rely on how you use your grant to determine if you still need our assistance. If we do not see any activity on your grant (that is, a paid reimbursement request or claim paid through our pharmacy card), we assume you no longer need our assistance and we will close your grant so it can go to another patient who is waiting in the wings. So once you’re approved remember:

  • Use your grant at least once every 90 days. We count only payable reimbursement requests and pharmacy card claims as using your grant. If a partial reimbursement request is submitted that cannot be paid, it is not enough to keep your grant open.
  • Once your grant closes, if you have a pharmacy card, it will no longer work at the pharmacy, but that does not mean we won’t help you: see the next bullet
  • If your grant closes, you do not need to reapply – just submit a complete reimbursement request for review. As long as funding is available, we will pay the request. This includes grants where the pharmacy card has been “turned off.”

Take control of your grant and manage it through our secure patient portal!

Your words of thanks mean so much

We're pleased to offer assistance to as many as possible and hope for all our grant recipients that your therapies are effective and your experience with HealthWell is a positive one.

If you would like to give back to HealthWell, one of the best ways is to share your HealthWell story with us. You are our inspiration and sharing your words of thanks mean so much to our staff and to the companies and individuals who make our program possible.

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